Problematic Inventory Solutions

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Utilize your unwanted inventory to pay for your transportation needs.

Our unique program may enable your company to avoid write-offs, write-downs and reserves for problematic inventory and reduce the cash required to operate your business. We can help you utilize your slow moving or excess inventory to pay for your transportation needs.

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Receive 3 to 4 times the cash liquidation value for your problematic inventory. All inventories are redistributed into approved secondary markets agreed to in advance in writing. No channel disruptions of any kind.

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We’ll complete a detailed analysis showing you how we’ll lower your operating costs while relieving your inventory burden. Then, on a monthly basis we’ll recap where you stand in order to substantiate the transaction.


If you have discontinued, excess, obsolete, short-code-dated or slow-moving inventory of any kind, we can make these assets work for your company.

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LTL Expert and F. Curtis Barry & Company  hosted a webinar on Corporate Barter.  To view the replay and download a copy of the presentation click here.