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Vendor Inbound Freight Programs

Vendor Inbound freight management impacts gross margin, purchasing staff productivity, inventory control, receipt processing, and fulfillment operations with costs up to 2%-4% of gross sales. Take Charge of your vendor inbound freight. Don’t let your vendors bundle freight into the cost of goods.  They often markup freight to improve their margins. An effective inbound program can reduce expenses and improve control over receipts. Kline Global – LTL Expert can help implement routing guides and monitor vendor compliance.We can help you take charge of your vendor inbound freight and optimize your supply chain.


LTL and Truckload Freight Audits

Ever wondered how your freight rates stack up?  Most companies think they have negotiated great discounts and don’t need professional help.  Why not let LTL Expert perform a confidential, cost-free, no obligation audit of your domestic LTL and truckload freight?  We reduce LTL and Truckload  freight costs. Our savings average 24%.400dpiLogoCropped


Just provide us with a sample of freight bills and we will benchmark your costs against our consortium rates.  We’ll simply send you a findings report outlining opportunities to reduce expense and improve control.  Our cost savings may surprise you.

Simplify Logistics

LTL Expert can help your company simplify logistics with these cost free services:Yellow fork lift truck with stack of carton boxes

  • Claims Management – Eliminate the frustration of filing paperwork and following up on shipments lost or damaged by carriers. Our professionals will file and monitor the status of all claims until resolved.
  • Simplified Invoicing – Reduce the amount of paperwork accounting needs to process by receiving one weekly consolidated invoice that combines all shipments from all carriers. We streamline your payables and improve your terms.
  • Freight Bill Auditing – Our experienced team will ensure that complicated carrier pricing is precisely applied to avoid any overcharges.
  • Vendor Compliance – Achieve maximum savings through our monitoring program, which identifies when the best combination of cost and service is not utilized.
  • Vendor Chargeback Program – Recover shipping cost overcharges created when your vendors don’t adhere to the routing instructions provided to them. We’ll provide a weekly report that flags vendors misroutes and quantify additional costs incurred.
  • Routing Guides – Effectively communicate your shipping requirements for Inbound, Outbound and Drop Shipments, which will reduce claims and improve customer satisfaction.

Manage with Technology

MonitorLTL Expert can help your company use the right technology to manage your freight shipments.  Many of our clients use our proprietary web-based transportation systems developed by our partners.

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