LTL Expert Hosts Webinar on Probematic Inventory

Got slow moving, excess or obsolete inventory on your books and taking up space in your warehouse?

WarehouseF. Curtis Barry & Company, LTL Expert and Corporate Barter Advisors joined forces to hold an educational webinar to explain how to use problematic inventory to pay your freight bills. Corporate barter can result in 3-4 times more value than traditional cash liquidation.

In this webinar, Jim Parsons described how Corporate Barter Advisors has developed a program with DM Transportation Management Services. Parsons said, “Our unique program may enable your company to avoid write-offs, write-downs and reserves for problematic inventory and reduce the cash required to operate your business. We can help you utilize your slow moving or excess inventory to pay for your transportation needs with DM Transportation.”

For more information on problematic inventory solutions click here or contact LTL Expert.

To view the replay and download a copy of the presentation, click here.